Life of Xunzhang

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There are a list of software I wrote or was highly involved since 2012. I am an enthusiast of open-source, I like Github and do not like Gitlab.


  • Coming soon

DyNet portfolio_view

  • The Dynamic Neural Network Toolkit
  • Multi-device support, Self-described I/O format for native save/load, ParameterCollection interface, etc
  • 100+ commits
  • Top #5 contributor


  • Distributed Tensorflow implementation upon Poseidon communication lib
  • Overlap sync(communication)/computation during Mini-batch SGD
  • You can make your native Tensorflow model training script distributed with zero code modification!
  • Linear speedup up to 64 GPUs


  • Detect insider intruders in database system using ML
  • Dec 2016

Apache HAWQ portfolio_view

  • Native SQL Engine on Hadoop, Collaborative Project at Pivotal
  • Voted as ASF Committer: 90+ Commits, 50+ JIRAS, 50+ mail threads in dev/user mailing list in 7 months
  • Top #3 committer in the open source community
  • 2016


  • Recommendation Cloud Service based on SQL: combine infrastructures inside Pivotal including HAWQ, MADlib, Cloud Foundry
  • Winner Project of the Hackday Competition✌️
  • With @lma, May 2016

Paracel Toolkits

  • Distributed Algorithm Library built on Paracel framework
  • Algorithms include regression(ridge, lasso), classification(lr), clustering(kmeans, Spectral Clustering), graph processing(pagerank), recommendation systems(svd, mf, similarity, decision tree, als) and topic modeling(lda)
  • @Douban.Inc, 2014


  • Realtime Recommendation System based on Factor Model
  • Online/nearline/offline(balltree/regression/matrix factorization) three-layer backends
  • An application of Plato called platoon is used for Douban FM, improve 5% completion rate
  • @Douban.Inc, 2015.

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