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04 Aug 1990
Hello World

Mathjax test below:

How do you write such expression? Very simple: using double dollar signs $$a^2 + b^2 = c^2$$ To display inline math use \( … \) like this \( sin(x^2) \) which gets rendered as … Here’s another example using type \mathsf $$ \mathsf{Data = PCs} \times \mathsf{Loadings} $$ which gets displayed as… Or even better: \[ \mathbf{X} = \mathbf{Z} \mathbf{P^\mathsf{T}} \] is displayed as.. If you want to use subscripts like this Xn,p you need to scape the underscores with a backslash like so \mathbf{X}_{n,p}: $$ \mathbf{X}_{n,p} = \mathbf{A}_{n,k} \mathbf{B}_{k,p} $$ will be displayed as…

Thanks to Jekyll, which is easy to make my blog here.

Hong Wu at 20:00