Life of Xunzhang

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Brief Overview of Knobs Tuning in the Self-Tuning Database: Sharing @Alibaba. May, 2019.

Paper Reading: Neural Ordinary Differential Equations: Group Meeting @Alibaba. Dec, 2018.

Petuum Poseidon: 高效的分布式深度学习平台: T11 2017 Summit @Beijing. Sep 2017.

Poseidon Intro: Tech talk @Petuum. Jan 2017.

Impala Intro: Group Meeting @Pivotal. Jul 2016.

Develop RecSys with HAWQ: Meetup @Shanghai. Apr 2016.

Distributed ML at Douban: Group Meeting @Douban. Jul 2015.

Paracel: A Distributed Optimization Framework with Parameter Server: HOF技术分享 @Douban. Oct 2014.

Exploration of Realtime Recsys: 计算平台讨论会 @Douban. Jun 2014.

Learning with parasol: Group Meeting @Douban. Nov 2013.

Dummy Intro to Parallel Computing: Group Meeting @Douban. Oct 2013.

Threp: Group Meeting @Tsinghua. Mar 2013.